The Press Release. Fast and effective communication.

The Press Release is the classical and perhaps most elementary tool in the toolbox when it comes to communication and public relations efforts. And it might still be an effective channel for your communication. Even when Apple plans a media-event a press release will often be part of the efforts to tell the world about the upcoming event. Mainly because thousands of journalists are sitting stand by and awaits any company news at all.

On the other hand you should remember that most news desks in newspapers, tv and radio stations every day receives press releases in the hundreds. Your press release risks a silent death in the in tray for press releases. 

But when a press release is written with the right touch and tells an interesting story it still represents an active tool as journalists in media constantly is on the outlook for the good, surprising story for next mornings paper. And preferably one with good photo-options.

Not by itself
But a Press Release cannot do the trick by itself. It should actively be promoted by personal contacts for major mediahouses or specific journalist working within the same line of work-interest as your company. The personal touch is to ensure a high level of service as one reporter might wants one story, whereas another wants a solo-interview with the managing director. 

At Clikkelsen Kommunikation we deliver the professional service from concept development , writing process and distribution. And of course we handle the personal contact to reporters in the mediaworld.

We produce press releases in both Danish, German and English languages.


Clikkelsen Communications is a small agency that delivers journalism and communication quality work. We also do websites with responsive design that present themselves professionally both on smartphones, iPads and computer screens

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The Fehmarnbelt-project. New hospitals. New highspeed railways. In short: Building and constructionsprojects for billions of euros are to be completed within the next to years in Eastern Denmark. Get a service-check to establish if your homepage and printed communication do the job. 

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