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Communication works best when we speak the same language.

Many Danish construction companies are currently running in position to participate in the coming years huge construction projects in eastern Denmark. The largest project being the Fehmarn Belt fixed link, the new super-hospitals, new railway lines, bridges and highways. All in all investments will be made for almost 200 billion. kr. The project will in most cases be headed by large foreign building- and construction companies.

It also means that the working language in the workplace being English - or perhaps even German. Carpenters, masons and electricians will be required to understand and speak at least English. Among other things to be able to understand safety instructions.

Companies must be able to 'foreign'
On the other hand foreign companies operating in Denmark will face not only linguistic challenges but will also have to face the fact that even within Europe huge differences exist in terms of culture, rules of the labourmarket, management and so on. In Denmark workplaces are often characterized by a very flat hierarchy where management directives often are questioned and subject for intense staff debates.

We are upgrading your communications - and tells the real story. Also on 'foreign' ...

We help Danish companies to communicate better in English and German. This we do by translating or building new multilingual websites. We write and translate pamphlets or businessletters, press releases and aim to establish educational schemes in order to enhance linguistic skills of the employees.

Though the working language in an international building site by requirement will be English, you might have the need to edit your present website in order to target the Danish market or to communicate requirements or terms in the tendering process. Furthermore we have excellent networks within the Danish press. This means that we will be able to assist your communication efforts by writing, translating and distributing eg. press releases, an invitation for press conferences or hiring of interpreters for a seminar and conference.

Whether you choose to create a brand new website - or it is possible to build on your existing website - can Clikkelsen communication help you closer to the orders when the international construction consortia looking for Danish suppliers. But it is not just about telling the story in proper English or German. It must also be the right history. And it must take into account the cultural differences that exist. We can help you with:

  • Translation and targeting of content on your website into Danish, English and German
  • Production of information leaflets and other targeted both international and Danish customers
  • Interpretation by professional interpretation services in Danish, English and German
  • Reviewing your total communication in a Danish context
  • The organization of language courses for employees to live in Denmark during the build


Clikkelsen Communications is a small agency that delivers journalism and communication quality work. We also do websites with responsive design that present themselves professionally both on smartphones, iPads and computer screens

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The Fehmarnbelt-project. New hospitals. New highspeed railways. In short: Building and constructionsprojects for billions of euros are to be completed within the next to years in Eastern Denmark. Get a service-check to establish if your homepage and printed communication do the job. 

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